About Us

It started with cutting back

After years of battling with a love/hate relationship with alcohol, our founder created her own blend of botanicals, to mix with her favourite tonic waters as a healthier alternative to an evening glass of wine or gin and to help cut back on the amount of alcohol she was drinking each week.

The result was a very juniper forward drink which she named Yin - a nod to how it helped her re-balance her lifestyle.

Your Yin, Your Way

Yin is a healthier alternative to alcohol and a tasty option for those who enjoy drinking something more sophisticated and complex over a standard cordial. You can enjoy your drink your own way, with your favourite mixer or even add it to tea or hot tonic syrup. 

Why drink less?

Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink on a weekly basis offers a huge range health benefits. These can include: Weight loss, reduced risk of developing a number of cancers, better sleep patterns and raised libido.

We aren't saying that Yin is a magical cure, but it can help re-balance your lifestyle so that you can enjoy being a healthier version of yourself.

Breast Cancer awareness

Research indicates that there is a strong link between drinking alcohol and an increased risk of developing breast cancer. It is estimated that between 5-11% of cases are linked to alcohol. We want more people to be made aware of this link and  donate £1 from every bottle sold to breast cancer charities and projects to help raise awareness.

Alcohol consumption is also linked to 6 other types of cancer.